International Women’s Day 2014!

We started the day very early in the morning at 1 AM so that we could join with 3 radio reports. Unfortunately it rained at night so we struggled, but it was still a very successful day and we reached more than 700 people in total…

The first event was organized by Matove Beads Development Association (MABEDA). They celebrated women and cleaned up the local health facility, and gave the health workers a chance to share their challenges with the community which helped the community better understand their position so they could work together to improve it. The rain had made it hard for people to reach the facility, but still more than 50 people turned up for the hour-long celebration and everyone was so happy.

The Lubira community groups–Balindhabeene, Balikyebuza and Alikyenda women groups–organized an incredibly successful day with more than 500 people attending the event! It started with cleaning Lubira Primary School, and then cleaned Lubira Health Center–they swept, slashed the grass down, and burned all the trash. With a clean health facility, each group presented a song and drama about the “war that women go through during delivery.” They were beautiful songs and dramas, and everyone loved them. One of the Lubira politicians gave a closing speech and praised the community groups for having the love and capacity to organize something so good to celebrate International Women’s Day even when the district failed to organize something. He sent his appreciation to the SAFE team for their mentorship and support, which was echoed by all the community groups and community members.

The Kalalu community groups–Kalalu Women’s Voice (KWV), Kamede Men’s Development Association (KAMEDE), Bugya Bukye, and Balibonerawo–held a cleaning activity of the local borehole along with dramas and songs, and more than 80 people attended. It was well-received and everyone celebrated the women of the community. What a successful day!

Author: SAFE Team

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