Launch Day: Dramas

eRanger2This past summer, a group of SAFE’s international interns worked to launch a new eRanger motorcycle ambulance program. The Launch Day celebration brought together some of the most compelling aspects of SAFE’s work. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be doing a series of posts about those efforts. Enjoy!

As part of the Launch Day celebration, various community groups performed dramas for the almost 1,000 people in attendance. They used acting, dance and song to communicate the importance of a health facility delivery, the elements of a safe delivery, the warning signs of complications and the potential impact of the eRanger program in tactfully overcoming common cultural barriers to maternal health.

Some of the dramas started an important dialogue about gender roles by incorporating gender role reversal in their productions, in which men acted like pregnant women and women put on pants to act like their husbands. The performances got each sex thinking about how the experience of reproduction may feel to their spouse.

Because these messages were shared by community members for community members in memorable visual ways, their impact was powerful. People laughed and learned. They continue to benefit from the regular outreach events community groups host to impart this important educational service to their fellow village members.