Launch Day: eRanger

eRanger2This past summer, a group of SAFE’s international interns worked to launch a new eRanger motorcycle ambulance program. The Launch Day celebration brought together some of the most compelling aspects of SAFE’s work. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be doing a series of posts about those efforts. Enjoy!

The eRanger program, which is partially community-funded through individual family donations, provides motorcycle ambulances for laboring mothers as an efficient means of navigating Ugandan roads and getting women to maternal health facilities safely. The first eRanger program has been working in Ibulanku, Uganda for almost two years; a second program launched in Lubira, Uganda this summer. The Lubira launch was a highly community-driven process. It included the development of an eRanger “task force” comprised of members from all villages served by the eRanger. Drivers were selected by village leaders, then trained in safe, efficient driving practices, first aid and emergency response. Local government officials collected donations from community members to cover the operating costs of the program.

Seen below, one of the drivers takes the inaugural ride with the District Nursing Officer who is in charge of all nurses and midwives in the Iganga District, collectively serving more than 1.2 million people.