Meet the Interns: Corrinne Sanger

This summer, SAFE will take a group of talented interns to Uganda for seven weeks, putting their skills to use on our latest projects. Meet one such bright, young intern!


Corrinne Sanger is from Wayne State University in the heart of the Motorcity: Detroit, Michigan. There she studied anthropology and French and offered her musical abilities in double bass performance to the local orchestras and music ensembles, all while working towards applying to medical school! When she’s not thumbing through MCAT flash cards, practicing excerpts from Beethoven symphonies, or keeping up with the latest anthropological research, she enjoys riding her horses, taking her dog on walks in the city, working in the anesthesia research department, and entertaining her family with fun songs on her ukulele. “I am so excited to work with SAFE this summer,” she says, “because I know that this is an opportunity with an organization that will really bring about the kind of change and development that I, as an anthropologist and future physician, want to see in the world and have always hoped to be apart of. Being sensitive to and embracing the rich culture of the people of Uganda, all while integrating and implementing the life-saving and life-sustaining techniques and educational programs that SAFE stands for is what makes me proud to be apart of such an amazing group of people!”