Solar Suitcase Installation at Tiriri Health Center IV

This week the SAFE team completed an installation at Tiriri Health Center IV in Atiriri, Uganda. This is also the center at which Ester Madudu — a leader for AMREF’s “Stand Up For African Mothers” campaign — works as a midwife. Before the installation of the Solar Suitcase, when a mother would go into labor at night, Ester would hold a cellular phone with her mouth and help birth the child using the minimal light from the phone. Now, with the Solar Suitcase, Ester and the other midwives can assist with childbirth without worrying about performing lifesaving procedures in darkness. 

Jacquie training Ester and another midwife to operate the Solar Suitcase.

Only five minutes after the installation at Tiriri Health Center was finished, a baby was born prematurely at only 28 weeks gestation and needed to be resuscitated. The Solar Suitcase played a vital role in the successful birth and subsequent resuscitation of this child.