Launching the Safe Mama Kit Business!

Safe Mothers, Safe Babies is working with the women from a development association to found a “mama kit” business (mama kits are also known as clean birthing kits, containing the necessary supplies required by a hospital for a clean, vaginal delivery). Last year, SAFE Intern from the University of Texas Monika Tomczuk developed the idea for a mama kit business, and this summer, new summer interns and practicum students from the University of Texas and Jefferson Medical School brought the idea to fruition! Below, the women are receiving training about how to handle health products while assembling the kits without contaminating the supplies. We are SOO excited to see this project finally getting off the ground–special thanks to our wonderful summer interns (last year’s and this year’s)!
Photo Credit: Serena Rodriguez

Do Something Seed Grant Implementation!

Kalalu Women’s Voice (women’s group) welcoming SAFE with a song.
Women in Kalalu Women’s Voice now incorporate nutrition education in their safe motherhood activities (especially a brand new safe motherhood home-to-home visitation program).
For the first time ever, the men of Kalalu–specifically of Bugya Bukye and KAMEDE men’s group–attended a safe motherhood training. Traditionally, local cultural views birth and child-rearing as a female responsibility; by participating in this training, these men are showing their commitment to safe motherhood–and we couldn’t be happier!

A men demonstrating “kangaroo care” as part of safe motherhood training.

One of the women’s groups fields, which will be used for planting the organic sweet potatoes and passion fruit seeds that were purchased by the Do Something Seed Grant, after the groups received organic farming training.

Webale inho (Thank you so much) Do Something!!!!

Thank You Do Something!!!

A special thanks to Do Something ( for our $500 Seed Grant! Safe Mothers, Safe Babies summer team from Jefferson Medical College implemented our Seed Grant working with women’s groups and development associations on safe motherhood initiatives. The project was a HUGE success, and accomplished:

  • Helped two new women’s groups form, all of which conduct safe motherhood activities and outreach.
  • Provided safe motherhood training to 7 groups.
  • Worked with 3 groups on developing high-quality safe motherhood and general health education dramas.
  • Provided organic farming training (which is how the groups sustain their activities) to 7 groups.
  • Provided organic passion fruit and sweet potato seeds to 3 groups.
  • Registered 5 groups with the sub-county.
  • Provided group management and business training to 7 groups.
  • Provided emergency neonatal resuscitation training to two health centers.

This project allowed us to reach more than 200 men and women with safe motherhood education, who are in turn educating more than 4,000 people in their communities. Each of three groups planting passion fruit and sweet potatoes will also strengthen the nutrition for at least 60 families; because the planting will be done organically (from the Do Something funded organic farming training), it will also overcome many fertility and health problems that local people have incurred after using pesticide improperly. Webale inho Do Something!!

Jefferson Medical Students in Uganda!

SAFE’s first volunteer trip of the year is in full force! Caitlin White, Melissa Vitolo, and Erin Shapiro–first year medical students from Jefferson Medical School–arrived in Uganda at the end of last week. They will be working with SAFE Program Manager, Mukalu Medie, and Iganga citizens to expand our work with women’s groups (including safe motherhood initiatives, nutrition projects, and income generation) and  train health professionals and lay citizens in emergency obstetric care. Check back soon for updates from the interns!