Wrapping Up the Summer

The SAFE interns and practicum students accomplished some truly incredible work this summer. They evaluated the eRanger program to help SAFE grow its impact; they conducted a feasability study for a community-requested nutrition program; they completed the last step in a year-long passion fruit farming project; they launched a completely new Photo Voice project; they conducted a 3 month evaluation of the Light the Night program; they worked with a civil society organization to launch the Safe Mama Kits business; they conducted an assessment of, and preparatory launch activities for, a maternal health savings scheme called “Save for Safe Delivery”; and they conducted general data and evaluation activities to explore new partnerships. 
And now, the summer is coming to an end. We still have one intern–Julia Chang–from Stanford, conducting a feasability assessment to explore launching a mobile-phone-based maternal health education system in partnership with a new Stanford-founded organization called “Health in Your Hands.” But after her last two weeks are up, the SAFE summer will be complete. 
18 interns (representing five schools–University of Texas, Brigham Young University, Jefferson Medical College, Columbia, and Stanford), 2 Advisory Board member visits, and 6 visitors helping with various projects = very successful summer. Thank you to all who have been involved, and to all our staff who made it possible and will continue the vital work of improving the lives of women and children throughout the year!
Interns from the University of Texas and Brigham Young University eating jackfruit earlier this summer.

The Solar Suitcase at Work!

Check out this photo from SAFE interns Hayley Heath, Ahsley Larsen, and Rachel Fisher. Hayley, Ashley, and Rachel have been in Uganda since May (3 month stay!) evaluating, “Light the Night,” our joint project with WE CARE Solar that brough 20 Solar Suitcases to Ugandan maternal health facilities. In the picture below, the Iganga District Hospital Operating Theater staff are using a mobile Solar Suitcase light to start an IV on a newborn during a power outage. Awesome work all the way around!!